Thursday, February 26, 2009

100 Truths

I was tag by susantie huhuhu... so i done my part ;)

Last beverage → Tea
Last phone call → Ririe
Last text message → "All rite. No prob ;)"
Last song you listened to → Estranged- Aurora
Last time you cried → erm....not remember ;P


Dated someone twice → nop
Been cheated → yes
Kissed someone & regretted it → no
Lost someone special→ Yes my sis :'(


Fallen out of love → no

Laughed until you cried → no

Met someone who changed your life → erm... not yet

Found out someone was talking about you → don't want lar huhuhuhu... (but i know ade ramai yg talking about me bcoz of my attitude huhuhu)

How many people on your top friends do you know in real life? →from Facebook - more than 90% I know from real life.

How many kids do you want to have → 3 or 2

Do you have any pets → yeah dulu...

Do you want to change your name → No i don't...

What time did you wake up today → 6.50am (hv to send mama to da bus stop & yasmin to her school)

Name something you cannot wait for → This Saturday... meet my schoolmate & having fun!!! ;)

Last time you saw your father→ uh... erm... ssh ni... last 2 years in Hospital Klang. he had an operation.

What's one thing you wish you could change --> talk bcoz sumtime my word ni menyakitkan hati org but actually i don't realiase pon huhuhu... sorry :(

Have you ever talked to a person named Tom --> No

What's getting on your nerves right now --> erm... no one for now huhuhu ;P

What's your real name → Puteri Nurdiana Addnan

Elementary/Primary School → Sek. Keb. Sentul (2)

Middle/Secondary School --> Sek Men Keb Puteri Titiwangsa

Hair color →black kot (perang2 skit)

Long or short → erm... long

Are you a health freak →

Righty or lefty → right handed

First surgery → tonsil

First piercing → ears

First best friend → Lizawati (skang die da kawen da huhuhu)

First sport you joined → Hand Ball

First pet → erm... cat (hitam) huhuhuhu...

First vacation → erm not really remember i think Cameron Highlands kot with all my family. My family luv wat vacation ;)


Eating → no

Drinking → no

Waiting → finish this tag (pjg nyer uh)


Want kids? → Yes

Want to get married?→ Yes

Careers in mind? → teaching


Kissed a stranger → Oh No

Lost glasses/contacts →Yes. mase tu time keje kt PSA. tgh ade exec yg hensem ddk sebelah tetibe my lens terkuar. pastu cari2 xjumpe, kene la g Ampang Park g beli lens huhuhuhu ;P

Ran away from home → No

Broken someone's heart → erm, not sure i think xde kot huhuhu

Been arrested → erm... nop

Cried when someone died → yes of coz


Yourself →Yes....erm... sumtime sangsi gk huhuhu ;P

Miracles → Maybe

Love at first sight → No

Heaven → Yes

Santa Claus → No at all

Kiss on the first date→ argh no la

Angels → yes


Is there one person you want to be with right now? → yes. My sis.

Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? → No

Do you believe in God? → Yes


1. Dd

2. Dikna

3. Ismail (Mel)

4. Has

5. Kak Alynn

6. Ninie

7. Bunga

8. Anor

9. Azza


Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Alhamdulillah.... finally this evening around 5.30pm i received called from company 'Cyberjaya' that i mentioned in my 1st post in this blog. I get da job and can start my job on 2nd Mac (Monday) :D
Actually, I hv to do trainning at this company for 6 months. After that they will evaluate me n decide wether i will work with their company or not. This company is under MDEC project. So it is gud opportunity for me. If i can't manage to work in that company i will get certificate bcoz i've finished my trainning. In this trainning, mainly i hv do same as i work at the company (lebih kurang mcm Industrial trainning). Just the different is i will get allowance same like u get salary huhuhu ;) So y not i just try and get experience from this company. Otherwise, it's difficult to find job in this area (graphic) with the economy now days, and also too many competitor from other university n college...
erm i feel happy n also nervous bcoz scared if i can't do the job that they given to me uh ;( erm doa2 la ok, hope so... Tomorrow i hv 2 sign my offer letter. So wish me luck huhuhu :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Luvly Week End....

Pergh wat a week end i had last week huhuhhu ;D on saturday i bwk my nieces went to KLCC tgk movie "Geng - Pengembaraan Bermula..." lebih senang cite Upin Ipin huhuhuhu ;) thumbs up for team Les’ Copaque Production SB yg berjaya menghasilkan great movie. Bangga jd anak MALAYSIA :D...

Con't with my story on Saturday, actually yg join movie ni pon 1 geng gak ;P. Has, Amirul & Angah (has's nephews), Ju, Yasmin & Wafa (my nieces) and I. Same with member of Geng (Badrul, Lim, Kak Ros, Rajoo, Upin & Ipin) huhuhuhu. We all had so much fun. After movie we all had our dinner at Secret recipe. Dah kenyang we all blk huhuhhu....

Sunday, supposely i tot i nk stay at home xnk kuar... suddenly my aunty (acik) call said acik, mak & ayah nk dtg umah i. Ayah nk pasang penutup longkang kt dpn umah I (besi tu kene curi dgn keling besi uh). So mama & I pon excited la prepare bcoz da lame gk dorg xdtg our hse. So mama prepare lunch for them. I kemas2 umah and call my bro (angah) jemput dorg 1 family dtg umah gk.

Mama msk sambal ikan keli, gulai telur & sayur campur (msk ape yg ade dlm peti ais jer ;P). Just simple menu we had. after that, in evening mama goreng keropok n wat air. ptg tu hujan lebat giler. sian ayah penat jer simen longkang tu (tp we all tutup dgn kotak). tgh hujan lebat2 tu kak Lin & hubby (azaham) smpy ;) sian dorg dtg tp xde pe nk mkn sbb mknan da abis. So tgu time dinner je. bile da smpy time dinner I just call pizza (bkn pizza hut tau, pizza area umah I siap anta delivery tau). I order beef peperoni & seafood pizza. after dinner they all pon blk.

Happy skali sekala org dtg umah. erm hopefully after ni if they all dtg we all be more prepared. Mcm ne pon I hope dorg pon having fun gk ;) Thank u for the luvly week end :D

Friday, February 20, 2009

2nd day blogging ;P

Yesterday my interview berjln lancar :D hope fully dpt la kali ni... dorg da amik my degree certificate and transcript 2 send 2 MDEC. so by next week... insyaAllah they will call. so just wait n c la how...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

my 1st story begins...


wah finally i make it!!! so long i wanted 2 started blogging huhuhuuhu :P actually b4 this i already had my blog using Friendster but i stop blog since erm (pk bile last ek blogging??? hahhaha lupe) might be a few years already lar...

erm for da 1st blogging here... i want to share with all of u guys that 2day i have an interview at Cyberjaya... so doa2 4 me n the interview will going well yeah ;D (hope so... InsyaAllah)

okies i think thats all 4 now... i hope i will rajin2 update my blog n can improve my writing huhuhuhu... k enjoy ur day... take care :D