Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy mode :D

Just nk share today im happy :) bcoz of what xley bgtau hahhahahha.. Nnt2 la bgtau just nk post im happy today :D
pic ni xde kene mengena pon.. just xtau nk letak pic ape yg menunjukkan happy i just put pic Akid yg cute ni :D so now everybody happy :) 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Birthday present

Out of sudden after 3 days of my birthday, today after lunch i received present. The present was sent by florist to my ofc :) all my ofcmate "wow" hahahhaha.. They more excited than me ok huhuhu.

I received i basket of flowers (10 pieces of flowers) my callogue said its mean u r my perfect (ape2 la for me its flower n its so meaningful, thats it). And i oso get 1 toy turtle. I n person yg bg present ni name d turtle as Odie :D nice kan... Now introducing my new ofc buddy Odie :)

Thank you to the sender i really like it very much :)
Introducing my Odie :D
The Flowers :D

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year!! Welcome 2012!

Still not too late to wish Happy New year to all :D my new year eve so not gud huhuhu i just had dinner with Kaklina n Khairul and than we hangout at Kaklina's hse. hangout ker? more like i do my work, khairul tgk tv and kak lina in her room play with her cats hahahahah... what a celebration i had :P but on 1 Jan 2012, i went to Umbai, melaka g mkn seafood with Khairul, kak lina and her hubby abg din :D nice lar at least not disaster holiday i had :P 

Emm tu jer la tomorrow my day... hope will have a great day tomorrow (finger cross) :D ok that's all for now nnt continue lg :D have a nice year in 2012...  

My working day... sumtime i hate this job sumtime i luv this job