Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Mama!!!

26th July, my mom's birthday :D but i celebrate last Thursday coz don have time to celebrate bcoz of my work place in KL area. everyday jammed.... and 26th mama just went back from Perlis. just simple celebration, just 2 of us jer. i bought 2 slices of cake from secret recipe, oreo cheese cake & choc mud cake :D nice cake....

on her birthday i wished to her handphone:
Happy Birthday mama :) Semoga mama sihat selalu, murah rezeki n kite satu family happy selalu. Love u so much :D
and she replied :
tq. hadiah yg paling berharga ialah doa utk kesejahteraan bersama dunia akhirat n jadi anak yg soleha. Amin.

Aduih touching ok. huhuhuhu what eva it is 
love u so much mama for eva n eva :D Hug n kiss.... 

Mama & Ameer (gamba time at Penang)

secret recipe

Choc Mud... yummy2

Oreo cheese cake :D

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Anger Management

Today my fren, Sofia tagged me 1 pic that make me remember with my ex-boss huhuhuhu... he told me to go to Anger Management class coz of my inconsistent temper (moody lar, tp i wat2 moody coz of mls nk lyn dorg). so the situation will be like this if i go for that class hahahhahaha :D

Situation yg plg cute (i yg red color) :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Buah-buahan tempatan

Finally, today dpt mkn durian n rambutan :D lame dah mengidam nk mkn durian ni, tp x kesampaian tau huhuhuhu :P Ni pon mama blk dr Perlis hr ni and mama beli durian and rambutan :D tp seblum mkn sendiri punya durian, i mkn skit durian kt umah my uncle (Ayah)... blk umah  melantak lg durian n rambutan huhuhuhu :D best2.. now mcm dah panas skit lar kan. mcm ssh nk tido plak hahhahah xpe janji dpt mkn durian :)

Erm nk cite gk last Saturday, g IKEA ade sale smpy 24hb July. mule2 g sane mcm xnk beli ape tp dah jd lain plak. tgk tu murah, tgk ni murah so amik la ape yg patut :D xde la beli byk sgt just yg plg puas ati dpt beli carpet & small table for my laptop (ni plg puas ati just RM29). yg lain ade beli blanket and tmpt letak pinggan. puas ati gk la g ikea... nnt ade sale korg g lar rugi x pegi :D

Ok la tu jer la for today nnt ade cite best cite lg ok :) nah tgk ler pic2 for todaynyer story :D

brg2 yg di beli kt IKEA :D

My table in progress...

Dah siap psg :)

Finally my durian :) yummy yummy...

Rambutan... ok lar so so :D

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sawang bersarang

Hi all, countdown2 dah lepas dah countdown huhuhuhuh :P i already out from the HELL n now i at new place n new environment... hope ok la kt sini but jauh from my hse lar... at Jln Loke Yew :( erm just wait n c until when i can thn the traffic jammed especially friday (so jammed ok!!!)...

Can't believe it that after i out from the HELL, i got interview on the following Monday.. and then they ask me to start the next day for work huhuhuhu... bole x i ckp "No i don want start this week coz i need a holiday, can i start next week?" hahahhahaha.. Lucky they give permision for me start the next following week..

So b4 start new job, my vacation was at Cameron Highlands. tu pon followed group Hase (sj menyibok2 ikut dorg). but i sgt2 having fun kat sane :) simple n nice holiday for 3 days 2 nite.

Ermm now already 2nd week of my new work... (not much work, actually no work yet). but by next week will be 2 projects i will handle... wish me luck yeah :D

You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure.

Pictures kt bwh ni time at Cameron Highlands (from camera Lat, Am & me):

 Sg Palas :)

 Happy kan pic ni.. sgt suke moment pic ni.. mmg natural :D

 At ladang strawberry :)

 At Sg Palas. grup pic :)

 Take a Break.

Mereka :D

Having so much fun... cant wait for next holiday... where? with who? still don't know yet :D