Tuesday, February 18, 2014

When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars (Narmi Cover)

Narmi u make me melting when i heard this song.. Suddenly feel want to cry... sedey ker? ermmm don't know just the feeling tu tetibe datang... but seriously sgt best dia nyanyi.. (i am not saying that Bruno Mars nyanyi x sedap just i think Narmi u have very nice voice....

ok da jom repeat lg lagu ni byk kali hr ni :D (melayan perasaan...)

p/s: ade yg kate y i always post lagu jer.. actually from lagu2 ni show what i feel :D


Ira Azeera said...

best :)
beautiful voice..

Put Dianas Addnan said...

kannn ira :D melting dgr suara dia :)